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Latest News

Teenager Vandalizes the Wrong Building

Hoboken police were able to arrest a teenager allegedly responsible for a string of rapid vandalism for stray painting at least 13 separate buildings with tags such as “Bone” and “B1”. However, the sneaky teen tagger made a fatal mistake when he decided to spray paint his call sign on a building equipped with ... Read More»

Defendant Arrested for “Groping” in Jersey City

How much trouble can you get into nowadays if you grab a woman’s butt without her permission? Well according to a recent news article the answer is A LOT OF TROUBLE. In fact, according to this story, a man was charged with second degree sexual assault after groping a woman’s buttocks on the street. The... Read More»

Bayonne DWI Dismissed

Jersey City DWI attorney A recent article posted to describes a recent dismissal of a DWI in Bayonne Municipal Court on July 15, 2014. The defendant, a Jersey City man, had been charged and arrested for DUI on Feb. 19 at around 2:45 p.m. at the corner of East 10th Street and Broadway. According to police, they found the... Read More»

Drug Charges: Public Park Zone vs. School Zone

Penalties for drug distribution or possession with intent to distribute are automatically enhanced if you are arrested in a “school zone” or “park zone”. School zone essentially means being within 1000 feet of school property. On the other hand, park zone refers to being within 500 feet of a public park, ... Read More»

Heroin Distribution in Jersey City

Jersey City Police arrested four suspects on Wednesday for allegedly buying and selling heroin in an area of Jersey City known to police as a “high drug and violent crime area,” according to a report. Early Wednesday morning around 9 a.m. police officers in the area of Martin Luther King Drive and Forrest Street witnessed an alleged ... Read More»

Jersey City Prostitution Charges 2C:34-1

Hudson County law enforcement officers arrested six suspects on Friday for charges of running a prostitution business and money laundering. Police said the arrests were the result of a long investigation and based on “an analysis of financial documents, surveillance conducted and information received from multiple confidential ... Read More»