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Internet Sex Crimes in New Jersey

Charged with talking to a minor online Hudson County top attorneys New Jersey law enforcement agencies aggressively investigate and prosecute sex crimes committed over the internet. The penalties for these crimes can be incredibly severe. This article delves into several internet sex crimes commonly charged in the New Jersey and the potential consequences you might face if you convicted. If you have ... Read More»

Ways to Defend a DWI Case in New Jersey

How to beat a DWI case Jersey City best defense The last thing you want after drinking or using drugs, recreational or prescribed, is to wind up getting arrested for a DWI. Penalties for a DWI in New Jersey can be severe, including the loss of your driving privileges, spending time in jail, and paying thousands of dollars of fines. Thankfully, an experienced New Jersey... Read More»

Am I Eligible for a Diversionary Program?

Get into a program for criminal charges Hudson County lawyer help New Jersey offers a number of programs designed to help certain qualifying criminal defendants avoid a costly and potentially life-altering criminal conviction. These programs are broadly referred to as diversionary programs. If you have been charged with a crime in New Jersey, you should know about all of your legal options, ... Read More»

Requirements for a Valid DWI Checkpoint in NJ

Got a DWI at a checkpoint Hoboken lawyers near me New Jersey drivers frequently encounter roadside sobriety checkpoints. These checkpoints are designed to investigate whether drivers have valid licenses and whether they are driving under the influence of alcohol or driving on drugs. DWI checkpoints are fairly unique, along with border patrol checkpoints, because they permit the ... Read More»

Is it Possible to Have my Criminal Charge Reduced?

Get criminal charges, penalties reduced Hudson County court lawyers Facing criminal charges in New Jersey can be devastating, but under the right circumstances, you may be able to negotiate your way out of the some of the harshest potential penalties. A skilled criminal defense attorney, or a set of facts that are particularly favorable to you, can motivate a prosecutor to offer you a... Read More»