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Top Things that can Skew Field Sobriety Test Results

Field Sobriety Test Flaws in New Jersey Many factors can influence the results of field sobriety testing. In some cases, a knowledgeable DWI attorney can use these things to successfully challenge your DUI case. If you are stopped by a law enforcement officer for a traffic infraction like improper turn or an incomplete stop at a stop sign, you can anticipate getting... Read More»

Types of Courts that Handle New Jersey Criminal Cases

Types of Courts in NJ Criminal Cases Our Jersey City Criminal Defense Attorney Explains Courts that Handle Criminal Cases in NJ Anyone who has been charged with a crime in New Jersey needs to take the charges very seriously because the consequences of a conviction could be anywhere from inconvenient to catastrophic. In the worst cases, a person convicted of a first... Read More»

Understanding Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) for DWI in NJ

DWI Blood Alcohol Concentration BAC NJ Defense When a motorist is suspected of drunk driving in New Jersey, law enforcement will typically ask them to submit to a test which measures the driver’s blood alcohol concentration, or BAC. Police use a driver’s BAC to determine whether the driver is intoxicated. A person’s BAC is measured in volume of alcohol per liter of... Read More»