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NJ Statutory Rape Charges and Age of Consent Explained

Jersey City Statutory Rape Lawyer A rape accusation can derail your future, creating a stigma that sticks with you for the rest of your life. A conviction for rape could have immediate ramifications, especially if you are sentenced to significant time in prison. Some rape charges are referred to as “statutory rape” in New Jersey because they automatically apply based... Read More»

NJ Juvenile Shoplifting Charges

Jersey City Juvenile Shoplifting Lawyer It’s generally understood that teenagers are more likely to make mistakes than adults. Whether it’s a pre-teen who just doesn’t know any better, or an older kid caving to peer pressure, just about every parent knows that feeling of finding out that their child has done something that they simply shouldn’t have done. When the... Read More»

Ways to Get a Shoplifting Charge Dropped in New Jersey

Top Shoplifting Charge Defenses NJ Charged with Shoplifting, Can You get it Dismissed? Shoplifting may not seem like a serious crime, but it definitely carries serious penalties if you are convicted or plead guilty to the charges. That’s because shoplifting is considered a theft offense in New Jersey, and prosecutors are often reluctant to offer favorable plea deals ... Read More»

Open Container of Alcohol in a Car in New Jersey: What You Face

New Jersey Open Container Charges Found with an Open Container of Liquor or Another Alcoholic Beverage in NJ? Although the days of Prohibition are long over and adults are allowed to enjoy alcoholic beverages in New Jersey and elsewhere, there are still laws that prevent people from having an open container of alcohol inside a motor vehicle. This applies to... Read More»