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Criminal Process

We have successfully defended our clients against thousands of Criminal, DWI, and Municipal Court charges throughout Hudson County and New Jersey.

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The Veterans Diversion Program: A Unique Opportunity for Service Members in the Criminal Court System

Hudson County Veterans Diversion Program Lawyer Although a prison sentence is sometimes considered necessary for individuals who have been charged with crimes, the reality is that spending time in prison often leads to recidivism, and a lot of people can benefit from a criminal justice system that emphasizes treatment and rehabilitation over punishment and incarceration. The ... Read More»

New Jersey Sentencing for Crimes

criminal sentencing in New Jersey When a New Jersey criminal case results in a guilty plea or conviction, that is not the end of the story. The case then proceeds to a sentencing phase. The sentencing phase typically involves an investigation and report to help the judge determine the most appropriate punishment for the defendant, and then a sentencing hearing... Read More»

What Happens Before an Indictment in New Jersey?

Process before Hudson County NJ Indictment New Jersey uses what is known as a grand jury process to bring its more serious criminal charges against accused individuals. The federal and state constitutions actually guarantee the right to a grand jury in certain situations. The grand jury process is designed to ensure that an impartial ... Read More»

What to Expect when You get Arrested in New Jersey

Arrested in Hoboken NJ what to do An “arrest” occurs when anyone in the state of New Jersey has been charged with a criminal offense. Your case begins with the arrest and will continue through one or more appearances in court at a later date. Under New Jersey law, there are certain steps that the police, prosecutors, and courts take when processing... Read More»

How Cases Work in New Jersey Municipal Court

Municipal Court case Hoboken defense lawyers near me Have a Case in Municipal Court in Hudson County? Among New Jersey Criminal Courts, Municipal Courts are the most common courts that citizens will ever appear before, either as a witness, a victim, or a defendant. Municipal courts handle a high volume of the most common types of cases in New Jersey, including parking and... Read More»

Central Judicial Processing (CJP) in Hudson County

Have to go for central judicial processing in Hudson County, NJ help top attorneys near me How to Prepare for Central Judicial Processing in Hudson County NJ Crimes in New Jersey are categorized in two main categories: disorderly persons offenses (similar to misdemeanors in other states) and indictable offenses (similar to felonies in other jurisdictions). If you are charged with the more serious of these types of ... Read More»