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Are all drug possession charges felonies in New Jersey?

Felony Drug Possession Jersey City NJ lawyer near me Felony Drug Possession Lawyers in Hudson County, NJ Many drug charges in New Jersey are considered felonies, or indictable crimes, and can require a state prison term if convicted. However, not all drug charges are felonies, as a select few are disorderly persons (misdemeanor) offenses allowing for county jail sentences.  The degree ... Read More»

What Happens Before an Indictment in New Jersey?

Process before Hudson County NJ Indictment New Jersey uses what is known as a grand jury process to bring its more serious criminal charges against accused individuals. The federal and state constitutions actually guarantee the right to a grand jury in certain situations. The grand jury process is designed to ensure that an impartial ... Read More»

THC vs. CBD Laws in New Jersey

Jersey City THC Defense Lawyer near me What’s Legal and What’s Not when It Comes to CBD and THC Possession in NJ THC and CBD are in the spotlight right now, both nationally and in New Jersey. CBD-infused products, from gummies to oils to vape products, are advertised across the state. However, many people do not fully understand the legality surrounding CBD,... Read More»

What if my Rights were Violated when Arrested in NJ?

Violated my Rights Jersey City NJ attorney needed Getting arrested can make anyone feel powerless. Police stop you unexpectedly, demand identification, ask you questions, restrain your movement, and potentially even place you in cuffs and haul you down to the station. But it is important to remember that the United States Constitution recognize the intrusiveness of this police ... Read More»

NJ Theft Penalties

Avoid penalties for theft Jersey City NJ help What is the Penalty for Theft in NJ?  Theft can refer to any number of specific actions, as long as it fundamentally involves taking something that does not belong to you. The item taken must be something that you had no right or permission to take. Additionally, the State must prove that it was your... Read More»

Answering Police Questions in New Jersey: What to Know

Arrested after police asked me questions Jersey City defense Most people are unaware of their rights when responding to questions by police. Considering this, it is vitally important to understand the requirements for answering police questions in New Jersey. The following explores various scenarios in which you may be asked to answer questions by a law enforcement officer, including if you ... Read More»