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What it Means to be Charged with a Disorderly Persons Offense in New Jersey

Disorderly Persons Offenses are Serious Criminal Charges in NJ In New Jersey, criminal offenses are categorized into indictable crimes, municipal disorderly persons offenses, and petty disorderly persons offenses. It is important to keep in mind that a disorderly persons offense is not a crime itself, but rather a category of underlying crimes. For instance, it is very common to confuse a ... Read More»

Pretrial Detention Hearing in Hudson County NJ

Hudson County Detention Hearing Lawyer At a detention hearing, a judge determines whether or not a criminal defendant should be held in jail while they await their trial and the final outcome in their case. Since the implementation of Criminal Justice Reform in New Jersey, the decision to detain a defendant is based on an individual risk assessment, which measures... Read More»

The Probable Cause Requirement in NJ Criminal Cases

Probable Cause Hudson County NJ Criminal Case In New Jersey criminal cases, the probable cause requirement refers to the amount of suspicion that is required for police to conduct certain activities, like arresting someone or performing a search. Police must have a reasonable basis or grounds (“probable cause”) to effect an arrest or search an individual’s property, such ... Read More»

Jersey City Seeks to Control Marijuana-Related Activities

Jersey City NJ Marijuana Charges As New Jersey continues to debate the legalization of marijuana, the City Council in Jersey City, NJ, recently heard a measure that would ban growing and selling recreational marijuana within city limits. The measure is one aspect of a plan proposed by Mayor Steve Fulop, which is designed to prevent Jersey City from becoming a... Read More»