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NJ Theft Penalties

Avoid penalties for theft Jersey City NJ help What is the Penalty for Theft in NJ?  Theft can refer to any number of specific actions, as long as it fundamentally involves taking something that does not belong to you. The item taken must be something that you had no right or permission to take. Additionally, the State must prove that it was your... Read More»

Answering Police Questions in New Jersey: What to Know

Arrested after police asked me questions Jersey City defense Most people are unaware of their rights when responding to questions by police. Considering this, it is vitally important to understand the requirements for answering police questions in New Jersey. The following explores various scenarios in which you may be asked to answer questions by a law enforcement officer, including if you ... Read More»

Plea Negotiations in New Jersey Criminal Cases

Plea negotiation for criminal charge in Hudson County NJ help trial lawyers Plea bargaining is an essential part of the criminal justice system in New Jersey. In essence, a plea bargain can be your first line of defense to secure a favorable outcome in the face of an unfavorable factual situation, a new criminal charge when you have a lengthy prior record, or it is unlikely that... Read More»

How Do Prior Shoplifting Convictions Affect my Case in NJ?

Need Union City NJ shoplifting lawyer near me One might think that shoplifting is a minor offense with minimal consequences in New Jersey. Not only is this untrue, there are also mandatory sentencing requirements that become even more severe if you have one or more prior convictions for shoplifting. In fact, the court is required to enhance your sentencing penalties for ... Read More»

Criminal Charges for Causing Alarm in New Jersey

Charged with Creating Alarm Jersey City NJ best defense Most people know that you can get in trouble for yelling out “fire” in a crowded movie theater or for pulling a fire alarm in a convention center or hotel. But many are unaware of the stakes. Schoolchildren who pull an alarm at school or write a message about a potential act of may face... Read More»