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Criminal Case Issues

We have successfully defended our clients against thousands of Criminal, DWI, and Municipal Court charges throughout Hudson County and New Jersey.

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Police Dogs in New Jersey Criminal Investigations

Drug Sniffing Dogs Charges Hudson County NJ Fatal drug overdoses caused by the opioid epidemic, the rising threat of terrorist activity, and a seemingly never-ending number of mass shootings have led law enforcement in New Jersey and across the country to place an increased emphasis on early investigations that can stop the worst crimes before they happen. One of the strategic ... Read More»

New Jersey’s Intensive Supervision Program ISP

Intensive Supervision Program ISP Hearing Attorney in NJ When a person is convicted of a serious crime in New Jersey, there is a very real possibility that they will be sentenced to prison. This can have a devastating effect on their life and their future, as well as the lives of their immediate family members and loved ones, especially if it is a... Read More»

Types of Courts that Handle New Jersey Criminal Cases

Types of Courts in NJ Criminal Cases Our Jersey City Criminal Defense Attorney Explains Courts that Handle Criminal Cases in NJ Anyone who has been charged with a crime in New Jersey needs to take the charges very seriously because the consequences of a conviction could be anywhere from inconvenient to catastrophic. In the worst cases, a person convicted of a first... Read More»

Understanding Intent in a Criminal Case

Criminal Intent for Charges in New Jersey The term “intent” in a criminal case is meant to describe what an accused person’s purpose is in committing certain acts or crime. In the majority of scenarios involving someone facing criminal charges in New Jersey, you cannot be found guilty without possessing the requisite mental state. Moreover, there are specific ways and forms of... Read More»

What if my Rights were Violated when Arrested in NJ?

Violated my Rights Jersey City NJ attorney needed Getting arrested can make anyone feel powerless. Police stop you unexpectedly, demand identification, ask you questions, restrain your movement, and potentially even place you in cuffs and haul you down to the station. But it is important to remember that the United States Constitution recognize the intrusiveness of this police ... Read More»

Answering Police Questions in New Jersey: What to Know

Arrested after police asked me questions Jersey City defense Most people are unaware of their rights when responding to questions by police. Considering this, it is vitally important to understand the requirements for answering police questions in New Jersey. The following explores various scenarios in which you may be asked to answer questions by a law enforcement officer, including if you ... Read More»