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5 DUI Cases Dismissed in 4 Weeks

We have successfully defended our clients against thousands of Criminal, DWI, and Municipal Court charges throughout Hudson County and New Jersey.

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At Proetta & Oliver, our DUI defense attorneys pride themselves in beating driving while intoxicated charges in New Jersey. DWI defense is a niche area of law that requires a great deal of skill and experience pertaining to standardized field sobriety testing (SFST’s) and the Alcotest (New Jersey’s Breathalyzer). New Jersey has the reputation as being one of the toughest DUI state’s in the entire country. This is because New Jersey does not allow any form of plea bargaining for defendants who have been arrested for drunk driving. Moreover, unlike other states, New Jersey requires a mandatory suspension of your driver’s license for upwards of 1 year even for a first time offender. To make matters worse, our state does not allow for a jury trial on DWI charges so your fate will be left in the hands of the municipal court judge. This means that the best defense is an aggressive offense to attack the State’s case against you and pinpointing weaknesses in the proofs that can be used to create leverage and establish a reasonable doubt.

In the last month alone, our lawyers have achieved some amazing results for our clients, which includes 5 DWI dismissals for five separate clients. This is an impressive feat no matter how you look at it and something that very few of the most experienced New Jersey DUI attorneys can claim, if any. The five DUI dismissals in question even included a client charged with a 2nd offense DWI and another arrested for a Drug DUI. Moreover, it bears mentioning that our attorneys achieved other noteworthy results this past month, including securing a client no jail time on a 3rd offense DWI where she faced a mandatory 6 months incarceration and successfully arguing for a suppression of a 0.19% BAC for another client which secured him a 90 day loss of license where he faced a mandatory suspension of 7 months to 1 year and an ignition interlock device in his vehicle during the time of a suspicion and 6 – 12 months following his suspension.

These results are extraordinary but they are not uncommon for our New Jersey DWI attorneys. If you or your loved one has been arrested for a DWI in New Jersey and you would like to learn more about how we may be able to help you, then contact our office today at (201) 793-8018 for a free consultation with an experienced DUI lawyer.

State v. K.M. (DWI 2nd Offense) Dismissed

State v. I.T. (Drug DWI) Dismissed

State v. N.G. (DWI 1st Offense) Dismissed

State v. M.P. (DWI 1st Offense) Dismissed

State v. R.C. (DWI 1st Offense) Dismissed

State v. V.M. (DWI 3rd Offense) No Jail

State v. K.A. (DWI 1st Offense) 0.19% Reading Suppressed