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Jersey City Drugs, Guns, & Child Abuse

You can’t get better headlines than this – Guns, Drugs, and Child Abuse! Yes, that’s the charges for a Jersey City man who was picked up on related drug charges for marijuana, heroin, and cocaine. His bail has been set at $125,000 cash or bond, which is typically for second degree indictable offenses.

This all happened when the police executed a search warrant on the defendant’s house which turned up a semi-automatic 9mm pistol, more than a half ounce of cocaine, over an ounce of marijuana, and less than a half ounce of heroin. Since the handgun was present in the house with the drugs, the defendant faces the additional charge of having a firearm during the commission of a drug distribution crime. Moreover, the child abuse charges originate from the fact that the defendant had the gun and drugs in the presence of a 4-month-old child and a 3-year-old child. It goes without say that unlawful possession of a firearm and distribution of cocaine, heroin, and marijuana are serious felony crimes that will expose you to prison incarceration for even first time offender. An experienced criminal defense attorney can examine the state’s evidence and file suppression motions for inadequate probable cause or an illegal search which may result in a downgrade or even a dismissal altogether in some instances. However, one thing is for sure – this guy won’t be winning a father-of-the-year award anytime soon.