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Teenager Vandalizes the Wrong Building

31 July, 2014
By admin

Hoboken police were able to arrest a teenager allegedly responsible for a string of rapid vandalism for stray painting at least 13 separate buildings with tags such as “Bone” and “B1”. However, the sneaky teen tagger made a fatal mistake when he decided to spray paint his call sign on a building equipped with surveillance cameras.

When police canvased the area the next morning they quickly went to the business owner to inquire about the surveillance cameras overlooking the scene. Sure enough, police were able to obtain a clear picture of the teen in the act and a Hoboken patrolman was able to immediately identify him as a 16 year old teenager from North Bergen. He was subsequently taken into custody on July 22 and admitted to the charges. The teen has a prior juvenile record as well, according to police.

All juvenile delinquency cases are typically heard in the county of residence for the juvenile, so this case will most likely be referred to Hudson County Superior Court especially given the juveniles prior record and amount of vandalism. Depending on the degree of charges, the juvenile could be exposed to incarceration in the detention center. It should be noted that all juveniles in New Jersey must be represented by an attorney.

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