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Prostitution & Drug Paraphernalia Charges Dismissed

We have successfully defended our clients against thousands of Criminal, DWI, and Municipal Court charges throughout Hudson County and New Jersey.

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We recently defended a client against several criminal charges that included prostitution and drug paraphernalia. Our client had been arrested after police received a tip from a concerned citizen about potential criminal activity and prostitution taking place at a local motel. Police arrived at the motel and after talking to the supervisor, they quickly ascertained which room our client was staying in. The police then alleged that once our client opened the door to speak with them they could see drug paraphernalia in plain view. However, the cops didn’t stop their investigation there and had a growing suspicion that there was more going on then just drug use. In the end, based on the statements of the witness, our client, and the items found in the room, she was charged with engaging in prostitution.

At court, our client admitted she had battled drug addiction for many years but was adamant that she had not committed an act of prostitution. The prosecutor, on the other hand, was not swayed by her story and given the circumstances and evidence against our client, the prosecutor was unwilling to entertain any downgrade or dismissal. However, that did not stop us and we continued to fight on behalf of our client and argued that much of this evidence could not be used at trial because of potential suppression issues. In the end, based on these challenges, the prosecutor completely dismissed the prostitution charges against our client.

State v. A.D.