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Guttenberg NJ DWI Lawyer

We have successfully defended our clients against thousands of Criminal, DWI, and Municipal Court charges throughout Hudson County and New Jersey.

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If you have been charged or arrested for DWI in Guttenberg New Jersey then you probably have a lot of questions and concerns. Before you do anything, the most important choice you need to make is choosing the right DUI defense lawyer to represent you against these charges. The penalties for DWI in New Jersey are some of the most severe in the entire country. A conviction or guilty plea will result in a mandatory loss of your driver’s license up to 12 months even for a first time offender. Moreover, you will be subject to additional consequences such as installation of an interlock device in your car, drunk driving classes, thousands in fines and surcharges, and even county jail. At Proetta & Oliver we take defending DWI charges very seriously, and have successfully represented hundreds of clients against DUI charges throughout Hudson County and New Jersey. The firms founding attorney, Will Proetta holds a dual certification as an Alcotest operator (New Jersey’s breathalyzer) and Instructor for Standard Field Sobriety Testing used by the police, which allows us the opportunity to better assist our clients in challenging their charges. If you would like to learn more about how we can assist you, contact us at (201) 793-8018 to have a free initial consultation over the phone with an experienced DWI defense lawyer or to schedule an appointment at our Jersey City office.

DWI Arrests in Guttenberg

Guttenberg is one of the smallest towns in the entire state about 0.2 square miles (128 acres) but Guttenberg actually processes an extraordinary amount of DWI charges each year. This is most likely attributable to its extremely high density population and the surrounding cities which border it. If you are arrested in Guttenberg for a DWI or Refusal to Submit to a Chemical Test then you will be required to appear in the Guttenberg Municipal Court which is located at 6808   Park Avenue, Guttenberg, NJ07093. The court maintains normal business hours Monday thru Friday from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. If you have any questions or requests to postpone your upcoming court date it is important that you contact the several days beforehand. The Guttenberg Municipal Court telephone number is (201) 868-2923 and the court administrator is Alida Buczynski. Lastly, Judge Frank M. Leanza presides over all proceedings before the court including all driving while intoxicated cases. 

DWI Lawyer in Guttenberg New Jersey

It is no secret that drunk driving charges in New Jersey can be a tough uphill battle especially for the inexperienced. This is predominantly because there is absolutely no plea bargaining allowed for driving while intoxicated offenses in New Jersey, unlike other states. And if your DWI case goes to trial then you have no right to a trial by jury – but instead the municipal judge will decide your fate. To make matters worse, DUI cases are often hastily rushed along by the courts that are trying to comply with a state directive to resolve cases within 60 days. This can put a defendant in a precarious position if they do not have time to properly review all evidence and prepare a defense. At Proetta & Oliver we aggressively advocate on each of our client’s behalves so that you are not bullied around and we will make sure the state is challenged at every angle. If you would like to speak with a lawyer from our office about representation, contact us at (201) 793-8018 for a free consultation today.