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Felony Expungement in New Jersey

We have successfully defended our clients against thousands of Criminal, DWI, and Municipal Court charges throughout Hudson County and New Jersey.

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Felony Expungement in New Jersey 

Expungement Lawyers for Indictable Crimes in Hudson County NJ

If you have a previous felony conviction for drug possession or distribution, assault, fraud, or any other indictable offense in New Jersey, it can really create an obstacle to securing employment, housing, and even some school scholarships. To truly put your past behind you, an expungement can be a very valuable tool. Beginning on October 1, 2018, individuals seeking an expungement in New Jersey will experience a reduction in the waiting period for eligibility to apply for a felony expungement. The new expungement law also increases the number of indictable crimes one individual may expunge from their criminal record if certain criteria apply. If you want to remove a conviction for an indictable crime from your record in New Jersey, the attorneys at Proetta & Oliver can help. We have assisted clients throughout the state with erasing felonies from their criminal backgrounds and moving on with their lives. For additional information about the expungement process, contact our Jersey City office today at (201) 793-8018. One of our lawyers is available to discuss your eligibility and answer your questions in a free consultation.

Can I Expunge a Felony from my Record? 

While many felony, or indictable offense, convictions in New Jersey are eligible for expungement, there are certain convictions that are not eligible to expunge under NJ law, including: criminal homicide, kidnapping, luring and enticing, human trafficking, sexual assaultaggravated sexual assault, aggravated criminal sexual contact, endangering the welfare of a child (involving sexual contact), arson, robbery, perjury, terrorism, and certain drug offenses. If your charge is eligible for expungement, there are certain other requirements that must be met to apply. 

What is the Process for Expungement of a Felony Conviction?

The wait time for applying for an expungement for felony convictions in New Jersey has been reduced from 10 years to 6 years by the new law. After determining that the wait period has passed and you are eligible to seek an expungement, you must obtain records of the arrest and conviction you are seeking to expunge. Then, you must submit these records, along with your Petition for Expungement and proposed Expungement Order to the Superior Court in the county where you were arrested or convicted. You will also be required to serve other parties involved in the case, including the County Prosecutor’s Office, local municipal court, local police department, and New Jersey State Police. The requirements for proof of service and various other components of the expungement process are highly complicated, making it all the more essential to have an experienced expungement lawyer assisting you. 

I was charged with two felonies at once. Can I have them both expunged?

Under New Jersey’s new expungement law, you may be able to apply for expungement of more than one indictable offense if they are contained in a single judgement, stemming from a sequence of events, where the offenses were committed in a short period of time in closely related or interdependent circumstances.

I already had an indictable crime expunged from my record. Can I apply for expungement again?

No. If you have already had an expungement of any crime in the past, you are not eligible to apply for another expungement. You are only entitled to one expungement in your life. However, you can include more than one offense in the expungement petition. For instance, if you were charged with an indictable offense that was dismissed through your participation in Pre-trial intervention (PTI), you may include this in your expungement with a prior or subsequent felony offense.

Can my expungement be expedited?

There is no way to formally expedite an expungement application in New Jersey and applications are reviewed by Superior Court on a first come, first serve basis. You can, however, take certain steps to increase the efficiency of the process, including obtaining copies of your criminal record and making sure all the information you provide to your lawyer about your criminal history is accurate, so you do not accidentally fail to disclose a previous offense on your application, which could result in an objection.

Get Help with Expungement of an Indictable Offense in NJ

Hiring an experienced expungement lawyer in New Jersey can make it much easier to navigate this process and all of the requirements, increasing your changes of successfully having your record expunged. If you have an arrest or felony conviction on your record and are looking to have it erased, call our law office in Hudson County today at (201) 793-8018 to speak with an attorney who can help. Consultations are always provided free of charge.