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DWI Checkpoints at Lincoln Tunnel

Weehawken DWI Checkpoint

This year our attorneys have seen a spike in DWI & Drug DUI arrests in Weehawken especially from drivers coming in and out of the Lincoln Tunnel. A major factor is due to DWI checkpoints in Weehawken at the Lincoln Tunnel by Port Authority police officers.

Notice of the DWI checkpoint is normally published in local papers and online to make the general public aware. This is because the main purpose of a DUI checkpoint is deter drunk drivers and not just to catch them. In furtherance of that, police officers will also usually hand out information and pamphlets which speak to the dangers of driving while intoxicated.

A DWI checkpoint stop is designed to stop drivers at random but these procedures are not always strictly adhered to. If you have been stopped or arrested by the Lincoln Tunnel due to a DWI stop then you should contact an experienced Weehawken DWI attorney to learn your possible defenses.

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